We contribute to and optimize for the Social Good in terms of value-driven academic research to address global challenges as well as design powerful and responsible Content Analytics methods to tackle them.

In many societal areas, research-based decisions are the key to cope with complex global challenges of our time. Climate change, digitization or the spread of new viral diseases represent potential scenarios where important political decisions should be facilitated based on the evidence found in heterogeneous information sources. In the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically changed the world, implying global consequences for any major sector of public life.

CA-SG enables effective political decisions. It is based on joint transdisciplinary work of researchers across disciplines from the leading research universities in the Rhein-Main area in Germany. We are actively engaged with the politics and society as a while. We develop and offer novel methods and tools for multilingual and multimodal content analytics.

CA-SG serves as a unique platform for effectively responding to global challenges with ground-breaking methods of Content Analytics at scale. This way, CA-SG is a core facilitator of democratic, evidence-based and responsible political decision-making.