Societal subsystems

Political decision-making


In a nutshell

Methods and tools of content analytics need to become more powerful and trustworthy.

At the same time, they enrich, deepen and complement four largest societal subsystems: economics, media, law and science itself. Therefore, the fundamental research questions will tackle public policy making, corporate digitalization, transparency in politics and society, or political argumentation, to name a few.

Research directions

Our research relates to the social good, such as

  • the assessment of the social credit system
  • corporate digitalization (content analytics and economics)
  • informed policy decisions on crime and punishment
  • empowering citizens to check fairness of criminal sentences (argument analysis in law)
  • critical assessment of transparency in politics and society
  • empowering researchers for better science quality (content analytics for sciences)
  • framing in public policy making
  • quality of political argumentation (content analytics for media and political studies)

Example: Argument Mining for the Social Good

We research methods for extracting arguments from texts. These are used differently:

  • to enrich the case law analysis with references to arguments and their quality interpretatively (law),
  • to evaluate social media with regard to arguments and public perceptions of controversial topics (media),
  • to discover argumentative indicators for explaining the movements on financial markets (economics).